Spring term 2020 update

Birkbeck and SOAS Justice for Workers campaigns with Jeremey Corbyn

[Español abajo] Firstly, our thoughts are with our members and supporters, and their friends and family, and anyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This is an extremely difficult time, and community and collective organisations like trade unions are more important than ever. An injury to one is an injury to all. We have lots to … Continue reading Spring term 2020 update

Victory for Birkbeck’s cleaners!

Birkbeck UNISON branch is delighted to announce that today cleaning staff at Birkbeck College have transferred in-house. This is their first day of direct employment since the service was outsourced in (we believe) 1997. The workers will benefit from improved conditions including access to the SAUL pension scheme. "The cleaning staff and their UNISON representatives … Continue reading Victory for Birkbeck’s cleaners!

Jeremy Corbyn visits SOAS and Birkbeck UNISON

Birkbeck and SOAS Justice for Workers campaigns with Jeremey Corbyn

On Tuesday morning UNISON activists against outsourcing in Higher Education were very pleased to welcome Jeremy Corbyn to Bloomsbury. While Laura Pidcock (the Shadow Employment Rights Secretary) launched Labour's Workers' Rights Manifesto, Mr Corbyn took the time to come down to Bloomsbury in the early morning to speak to recently insourced SOAS staff and currently … Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn visits SOAS and Birkbeck UNISON

Remembering the SOAS Deportations

Yesterday staff, students and supporters from around Bloomsbury gathered to mark the 10 year anniversary of the SOAS 9 deportations. A decade ago, the cleaning staff at SOAS, at the time outsourced to facilities services corporation ISS, had just organised a remarkable campaign to win the London Living Wage. In an act of disgusting retribution, … Continue reading Remembering the SOAS Deportations

Solidarity with Danny Millum

In May, Birkbeck UNISON and UCU sent the letter below to University of London management, in support of Danny Millum IWGB branch secretary at UoL. Dear Vice Chancellor Kopelman, The Birkbeck UNISON Branch and UCU Branch are very concerned about the treatment of Danny Millum, a staff member and union representative, by the management of … Continue reading Solidarity with Danny Millum

Open letter: Birkbeck, accelerate your efforts to end outsourcing

[Español abajo] Signed by 53 members of staff on the Noonan (cleaning), Sodexo (catering) and CIS (security) contracts, and the presidents of the UNISON, UCU and Student Union. UNISON at Birkbeck are pleased that Birkbeck College has set up a Facilities Review Group (FRG) to develop proposals for bringing in-house catering, cleaning and night security … Continue reading Open letter: Birkbeck, accelerate your efforts to end outsourcing

Insourcing protest at UCL on Thursday

As well as the insourcing campaigns in our branch, at SOAS and in Senate House, there is an insourcing campaign at UCL. On Thursday 4th April at 1pm, UNISON at UCL will be holding a protest on insourcing in the Main Quad (opposite Cruciform), calling on UCL to bring their outsourced workers back in-house. Members of Birkbeck … Continue reading Insourcing protest at UCL on Thursday